How to smoothen a surface in Catia V5?

I've been recently working upon a symmetrical surface and when I add both the parts, there is a kink on the merging area. How to smoothen that surface?

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The main condition for the absence of kinks in the plane of symmetry - the primary surface should be perpendicular to this plane.
Therefore, the easiest way is:
1. Build through the mirrors line (common boundary of the primary and secondary surfaces) extrusion surface in the direction of the secondary (mirror) surface.
2. Build the primary surface, as a tangent to the surface of the temporal.
3. Remove the temporary surface.
4. Make the mirror surface.
5. Tell us how it happened ...
PS! If you have time, look at the mirror surface of a small example I have ...

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keep your surface tangent to your symmetry plane and then do the symmetry. Then there won't be any kink for sure...

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Even with the detailed answer from Aivar, anyone knows a Tutorial or an Youtube video? I've tried here but I still got the kink...cheers!

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