How to solve this mechanism (reversing rotational)

Sander Schröder tried to recreate this mechanism but it doesnt do what we want it to do.
The video shows how we want it:
I don't have proper zip or rar software right now, but there are only 4 parts so no point in that anyway. The avi shows what we got as a motion. Please help if you have the time & interest.

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I really admire the effort you made here Inspire (I learned :) ), would like to thank you for that but the cranks should be rotating in reversed direction for the entire rotation like this: Tom & I already tried the reversed gear mate but that doesnt work and we dont know what will.

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Yes Inspire, thank you for your elaborate answer and videos but its like Sander says (its his model btw).
About the zipping part, yes I can zip it and I wil in cause of bigger assemblies. but Im sure that these 4 clicks and the opening of the assembly took less time then having to download the zip, de-zip it and opening the assembly.
But we will start working the zip software, thank you for the link.

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So Inspire, Sander and me greatly appreciate all of the nice videos but we would also like a answer to our problem? Greatly appreciated if we get a explanation as elementary as you pose the problem to be.

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Thank you Inspire for all the effort you put into answering this question, but I just got the solution from another member in about 3 sencentes telling me that it's about the inertia. He also succeeded in making the mechanism work, showed me a avi but I still have not succeeded and me and Sander gave up and threw the files away. You are allowed to use our files to upload the mechanism if interested.

We also decided to give up on asking our question here on GrabCad since we sweet talked your ass for an entire evening getting only videos like '100 fucking % whatever' & 'too elementary to waste me time on' and rude comments in return. No single prashe of explanation But hell thank you for trying anyway, we also decided to no longer support your models since you are way to 'like' crazed and aggresive in our opinion. One last thing, to inspire is a verb, 'Inspire' is not actually supposed to be used as a name so does actually not even deserves capitalization of the 'I'. And even then, most people don't give a damn if their name is typed with or without a capital first letter. You call me 'Tom' or 'tom' I don't give a flying F. Have a good one'inspire', keep it up but don't count on Sander and me anymore.

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