how to split a part into two and obtain the two parts separately

Please i have a hollow cylindrcal part i created in autodesk inventor, just discovered the part is supposed to be two welded at a point, so i want to split it into two and obtain the two separate parts, i already tried but i only obtained a single part, the second part is lost, the file is uploaded in this post, the split is done at the point where there is a visible workplane

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You have created a multi-body-part (see folder "Solid Bodies" in the model-browser - there are two solids inside)

If you want really separted parts, then there are some possibilities.
1.) create two separate parts and modify them separately or
2.) use the "Derive" command and create two new derived components, each of them using the original part (without the split command) and the separating plane and split the two new parts separately (one the lower part of the tube and the other one the upper part of the tube). The difference to the first variant is, that you can modify your master part (e.g. change the diameter or move the separating plane) and both derived parts will be modified

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