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Dear All

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I am new to this area

I need to design a line follower robot chassis , please advice design it using grab CAD

Thanks in advnace


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Grab CAD is a design and CAD file sharing site. You can search for files you need to build the robot or get ideas of how to design it. There is no CAD/modeling software with this site. To do the design work you are going to need CAD/modeling software (Solidworks, Inventor, NX, Creo) or any number of free CAD programs (Fusion 360, Onshape, and others)

There are many here on GrabCAD that will be willing to help answering questions that you may have as you design your robot.

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Dear Sir,

Grate thanks for advice
it would be much appreciated if you can advice for available light weight free software that I can design my robot

Thanks in advance


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Create a 3D design using the app you have, then upload it in the menu section of your profile. so easy bro

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Dear All, have a nice day,
Let assume some one created 3D object using solideworks. so can I import it to FreeCAD

as a example I sow some one who has created a motor using solideworks , so I need to import that motor to FreeCAD and continue rest of the thing

Please advice what is the file format that i should import from the solideworks

Please advice

Thanks in advanced

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I am not familiar with FreeCAD. STEP and IGES files are the most universally openable files across the CAD software spectrum. You do loose most of the features in translation, but you can easily use those parts in assemblies.

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