How to start learning CATIA ??

I am novice in designing .
I have started to learning autocad.
In parallel , i want to learn CATIA.
So from where i must start .I mean which tutorial I must see ( to become novice to expert ).
THANKS in advance.

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Their are two types to learn catia

1. If we new in designing process then much more problem come in learning design on catia . But we learn with our concept and other ways . We do practice more and more then we learn catia software .

2. If we know any design software as autocad and other. So we easly learn catia

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I Think that first you should focus on autocad, as because in autocad u will be learing about drafting and understanding the sketch is the key CAD designing .

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Hi Ajay Jamdagni,

my suggestion for starting a new CAD software is first chose something you want to design, this could be anything to your interest in. then as you progress through the project you will learn new skills along the way.

personally, this is the best way I find learning a new CAD software. Even though I don't know how to use it at first but by learning as you come across problems is the best way to truly know how to use a sort of function or process and in what context.

Hope this helps

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Hi Ajay,

It is good that you are keen to learn CATIA V5. Have you considered attended a structured training course? From experience, you will gain a far greater understanding withing a shorter time frame. I would highly recommend out fundamentals course. You can learn more at

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