How to stop profile from twisting on stair stringer?

I have tried this both with a sweep and weldment. I can not get the tubing to stop twisting as it follows the path of the downward curve. The horizontal members are correct until the point when it changes direction and follows the line downward. In sweep2 feature if you change the profile orientation to "Keep Normal Constant" the profile top stays parallel to the top plan. Which is what I want but it does not keep the tubing the correct size. I need to keep it from twisting as it is in "keep Normal Constant" but I also need to keep the tubing the correct sizing. In the top view you should not be able to see the sides of the tubing. I have tried everything, that I can think of.

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I am not exactly sure what you are looking for but try setting the Profile Twist to Natural in the Sweep.

How will this member be bent in the real world? I bet the manufacturing of the individual parts and the welders installing in the field will not be able to get it any more perfect then this already is in CAD. I do not think rolling that curve into that member will not be that well controlled.

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