How to sweep along an uneven path

Hi, I would like to sweep along a path with a triangular guide curve, like attached. The end result should have a small triangle opening inside a larger filled triangle.

Not getting any results.

How can this be done? Thanks

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I have not recreated the model to test it, but I'll guess that the sweep fails when it tries to go around the sharp corners of the path or guide. Sweeps don't change direction very well. Think of it like driving in a car, you can't corner like that, neither can the sweep.
You might try putting generous sketch fillets on the path and guide sketches to see if it works as a test.

Why not just extrude a triangle, and cut a smaller triangle through it? Two extrusion beat a sweep in terms of complexity.

If you had to, you could extrude both profiles at once from a single sketch with two closed profiles.

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