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How to sweep an evolutive shape (solidworks 2012) ?

By Marcellus.wallace on 20 Apr 20:51 4 answers 666 views 0 comments

Can someone tell me how to create an evolutive shape in solidworks ?
I designed a seaplane float, the upper shape is done but I have some trouble creating the bottom part.
I want this surface to start from a parabolic shape and to evolve to a simple V shape at the end.
I think I made a mistake using 3D and non 3D sketches or maybe it is the combinate use of splines and straight lines as profiles.
I attached my file, it is very simple shape and I hope the design is clear enough.
It is made with Solidwork 2012.
Thank you for your help !
This part is inteded to be milled as a master and to be fiberglass molded.


flotteurs_daisy.SLDASM, 126 KB

4 answers

  • Marcellus.wallace
    Marcellus.wallace over 4 years ago

    Thank you for your help but my Solidwork 2012 tells me that is has been design on a future version (2013 ?)
    Can you save it as a 2012 drawing and re uplaod it please ?

  • saeid mirshahidi
    saeid mirshahidi over 4 years ago

    yes its sw 2013
    i try for 2012 tomorrow
    but for now you can use .xt


    flotteurs_daisy-S.x_t, 72.9 KB

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