How to sweep cut in different surfaces?

Hey everybody,

Im modeling a 5 litre pet bottle on Solidworks and i want to texture the surface with something like little cut pipes all around the body. The thing is my horizontal section is a square with the edges fillet - by that i do have 4 round surfaces and 4 plain surfaces - and Im not able to do this. I could only manage to do it in a circular section, like the 500ml bottles, but with my cut with no y axis variation.
Its like the little canals in the image attached!
I tried the sweep cut, wrap, etc... so far no good.

I know its an easy thing to do but I cant. can anybody give me a hand?


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1 Answer

Sweep cut only cuts Solid Bodies not Surface Bodies.
For more ideas to get where you want take a look at this file to see how I built it.
Toddler cup
If you going to use Wrap make sure the sketch length is equal to the circumference of the diameter (use equation) you are projecting on.

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