How to take exact measurements from .stl file


First of all, i'd like to say that i am beginner in this. First i tried autocad and found out it doesnt support stl :P anyways, after a lot of searching, i finally stumbled on netfabb and i opened the file

Here is the relevant file: LG NEXUS 5
(or this Nexus 5)

Now, what i want to know is that, is there any way to take measurement from a part? What i want to do is, measure the EXACT dimensions of the 'NEXUS' lettering.
I used netfabb and i was able to use the measurement tool but i am sure i was not accurate enough (attempted multiple times) as the length is different....... as evident from the image below :

I own this phone and what i want to do is use photoshop or anyother program to print a sticker of the exact same dimensions so that the 'nexus' is coloured on my phone.

Can anyone please guide me on which program is the best to achieve what i want to do? I prefer a free program (or freeware like netfabb). Or can someone provide me the dimensions i need?


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2 Answers

SolidWorks lets you open .stl files for editing. the SW is expensive thought. USD 8 9 K per license. here is how:

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