How to thicken a surface object

I have made the JAS 39 Gripen single seater in CAD, it's only the surface beacuse I gonna 3D print it, but I seems that the surfaces are to thin, so i have to make it thicker or compete solid, easier said the done, I've tried to knit it, doesn't work, i also tried to use the thickening tool for each surface, doesn't work either. So how do I do this? I only have access to Solidworks. Do you guys think I can 3D print it with and but the filling to 100% at the printer. It's a makerbot.

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Easier done, than show...
Other surfaces are the same, I have no time to play =)

Answered with a tutorial:

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use the thicken command,if it is not in the ribbon then search for it in command search area at right top corner and drag it in ribbon.

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