How to tie 3d sketch to some components in assembly? (make it flexible)

I created 3d sketch between 2 parts in assembly, and I need to make this sketch flexible. On one side it is grounded. Another side should follow second moving part of the assembly .
And here is 2 problems: or after sketch creation second part stops moving(looks grounded), or part is moving but sketch is not connected with second part.

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Hi Олег
if it's easy for your to share your assembly we can give a try...

However what you need to do is to make this 3D sketch adaptive and not flexible...
The flexible option in the assembly environment is working for sub-assemblies that have already some kind of DoF due to constrains and you want to demonstrate this freedom in your main assembly...

I hope that makes sense to you otherwise you can share your model to arrange a mini tutorial just for you mate!

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