How to train myself in ANSYS Simulation Software?

I know this is CAD site, but it would be nice if anyone answers this.

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I am afraid that there is no answer on this question Pratrik...

These software are based on mathematical approximation models followed by the principles of physics and engineering.

First you should be able to understand these principles as they will reflect on the quality of your results.
Although to be honest an introduction of how to use properly these software comes during your master.
Eventually after a 3 years PHD you are becoming a capable engineer by knowing exactly how to use these tools and not a child that is pretending by just clicking buttons on an expensive software.

In case that you are looking to study, applied mathematics or mechanical engineering are the relevant areas...

In case you are looking for a job by using simulators such as ANSYS an MSc in engineering will enhance your skills...

How ever the company that will hire you it should give you a good training as long you are familiar of the engineering principles.

I will let you know what I have been told from my professor....

...The rainbow of FEA or CFD it will always be an impressive picture...
...if your inlet are rubbish the output will be rubbish...

So in conclusion these software are tools that reflect your knowledge and nothing more if you miss that the tool is useless.

P.S. you might find seminars but are so expensive that only a company could pay for them....

Good luck


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A good way to start is following our ANSYS step-by-step tutorials at :
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