How to transfer dimensions and tolerances using AP 203 edition 2?

i was wondering whether by using ap 203 edition 2 , can we transfer dimensions and tolerance to..
1) CAM..?
2) Other cad Tools..??

I have a fair idea that we can transfer to CAM, but i can be wrong and stand corrected..!!

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My experience with IGES and STEP, and other intermediate formats is the end result will be a solid model with no properties attached to, no materials, dimensions, tolerances, etc.
In practice I have used both IGES and STEP formats to transfer information to various CNC machines and other software, but a PDF of the part drawing is necessary to complete the drawing detail.
I've found it is easiest to start with the destination software, or machine, determine what formats it can work with, then go back to your modeling software and check what formats it can output. This is often just a starting point, as there always seems to be significant tweaking of the output process to get the desired results.

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