How to transfer rotation from different rotating shafts into one?

I am on a project. I am stucked into this situation.

As you see on sketches; I have three shafts. They are turning clockwise or reverse clockwise on their own periods.
For example: At the begining of the movement "1" starts to turn clockwise, 2 seconds later "2" starts to turn clockwise, 2 seconds later "3" starts to turn clockwise. Meanwhile, 5 seconds after they start their own movement, they stop for 2 seconds and start to turn reverse clockwise and turn 5 seconds than stop for 2 seconds again and start over.

On 8th second, "1" turns reverse clockwise, "2" stops and "3" turns clockwise.

How can i tansfer these movements into one shaft always turns clockwise.

(I will use more than 3 shafts)

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You can use differential on each shaft coupled with the main shaft, basically you will have differential A for coupling 1 and 2 into shaft a1, differential B coupling shaft a1 and 3, etc.

Or you can use 3 DC generators, and one DC engine: 1,2,3->G->E>main shaft

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If your shafts can rotate in only one direction, you can also use freewheels. (all shafts coupled with the chain gear, each to its own frewheel)

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if the problem in Solid Works you can play with the Motion. There are engines and lay movements - on a trajectory over time, and more!

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It's the key frame you need to control, the start time for the motion. You can assign individual motors on each shaft independently starting to turn at correct time or frame. Solidworks anyway.

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it sounds to me like you're looking for a solution where one "4th" shaft continues to turn the entire time instead of using individual motors and you use gears to create the timing you listed. If so you'll need gears with missing teeth to get the shafts to move when you need and to change rotation direction you'll need other shafts in between. you have to pick a base RPM or rotation/sec for your 4th shaft and create the gears size and amount of teeth to transfer the motion for the direction and timing. sounds like an interesting project.

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