How to translate 3D drawings from AutoCAD 2011 to Solid Edge ST4 2012?

What is the easiest way to work between AutoCAD 2011 and Solid Edge ST4 2012?
In terms of what file types to use.
Any other tips and tricks of working with these two programs would be much appreciated.

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How to open AUTOCAD 3D Files in Solid Edge?
We can open dwg files from AUTOCAD directly into Solid Edge.

If the file has 3d data, in the Import Options of Solid Edge, one can check the box “Write Solid bodies to SAT file”.

3D files from AUTOCAD will be saved as SAT files in the same folder where the AUTOCAD file resides. These SAT files can be opened either in Solid Edge ISO Part or ISO Assembly template.

Later these 3D models can be modified using Synchronous technology. This is a great way to protect and re-use legacy data. Based on this 3D model, 2D drawing can be generated in Soild Edge and the same can be exported as 2D DWG/DXF format, if needed.

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