how to translate langugae the drawing in solidworks?

Hey guyzz
I wanna a help:(
if I received a drawing file from a friend with a foreign language in soildworks, how can I change the language to english?
look to the photo..

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Jim Wilkinson from the Solidworks forum has this to say on the matter:

"Those options are only available if you have installed SolidWorks on a foreign language operating system and installed SolidWorks in that foreign language. Then you can choose to run in the foreign language or English. The second option only controls what language the features/filenames will be CREATED in. If the option is switched, it will not automatically convert feature names.

There is no automatic means provided by SolidWorks to convert foreign language feature names to English."

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Double click and rename features or parts name... reinstall solidworks and draw again...

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