How to "trim" bodies in an assembly in Solidworks?

I need a quick way to “trim” parts in an assembly when someone realizes that the bodies don’t “fit” in the assembly. A simple example: I have two cylinders , I put the small cylinder inside the big one. The inner diameter of the big cylinder is 20 cm and the outer diameter of the small cylinder is 22 cm. How can I fix it on the assembly and make the outer dimater of the small cylinder 20 cm so that they fit? One way is to correct the diameter from the sketch of the part. But what can we do when we have an assembly consisting of many parts with complex geometry and we don’t have the time (or the patience) to go back to every single sketch?
Hints for the example above and general hints highly appreciated.

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I don't think there is anything that easy in the assembly level but here are 2 different ways I would do it instead of opening every part and finding the sketch etc...

Answered with a tutorial:

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click on the part that you want to change and open it. do your changes to that part, Save and exit the part. it will have changed in the assembly.
now you can just change it right in your assembly but that will not change the part model. also you can open two windows at a time so that you can see both the assembly and a window for the part.

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It worked for me, thanks for the lesson, but I like Jeff comment, I think modify part model faster and Solidworks automatic change in assembly. May be this is quick fix to see how it work.

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