How to trim excess from a curved surface?

I am trying to make a zenfone 2 case. I am trying to cut these from the surface but could not make it, surface trim is closed and only opens when I use knit surface. Is there a way?

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To me the case and 3 bosses look like solid geometry in the picture, so 'surface trim' would not work because that's a tool for surface geometry and features, not solids.

If so, 'Delete face' would be the first feature I would try for eliminating the 3 bosses, 'insert>face>delete' and select all the upright faces and the tops of the 3 bosses (21 total faces should be selected). That should leave you with a clean outer case shell.

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I think making a sketch on a workplane in space above them that encompasses all the shapes should be done first. Then do an extrude,cut to face option down to the surface they rest on could work.

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It can't be done with the "Cut with surface" option ?

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try the 'intersect' tool

SolidWORKS Intersect Tool

Also, if you are able to upload your model it will give the community the opportunity to poke around and I bet you will a number of different ways to get the results you desire. It is hard to tell exactly what you are working with from a single picture.

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If you are trying to remove the bosses you can also use the split tool and select the inside face as the cutting tool.

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