How to turn a 3D sketch into a solid

I've tried searching similar questions on google but all the results I get either point to to making surfaces or lofts which I don't want. I've also seen people say you should use Boundary Boss/Base for it but all the tutorials I see use two different 2D sketches and form material between them where as I just have one 3D(doesn't really work when I tried it). I've attached some pictures of the part I am currently working on.

I've drawn out a rough 3D sketch of what I want the shape of that area of the model to look like. I've basically drawn out all the lines and vertices, and I just want the space enclosed by the 3D sketch to be a solid, as I intend to 3D print this later.

The already solid part of this model I basically sculpted made by sketching on a bunch of angled planes over rectangles and extrude cutting them to create the surfaces I have right now, but it's taking a lot more time than I can spend and is getting tedious and difficult to picture how to do.
Also, none of the faces in the 3d sketch are parallel.

I'm fairly new to Solidworks and CAD in general, so any help would be greatly appreciated, and thank you for your time.

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What you can do is use your existing 3d sketch to drive a series of new 3d sketches, one for each planar facet. These new, planar 3d sketches will then be selectable for use with the 'filled surface' feature.

Once you have enclosed the volume with these 'filled surface' feature patches, you can generate the solid by selecting all of the surfaces and using the 'knit surface' feature.

It seems like a lot of individual features to get there, but because you can leverage the 3d sketch you've already created, it will go quickly.

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