How to unfold a stp file part in catia's sheetmetal?

The workpiece file is in the form of a sheet, the format of which is STP, and we must have the unfold form.

2 Answers

As already pointed out by CadCloud this part can't be flattened using CAD tools. The first clue, for an engineer, is this part can't be made from a flat piece of steel using standard sheetmetal fabrication tools, brake press, plate roils and the like. If this part has been made in large quantities a die would have been made and the part stamped out in a press. The flat plate it was made from has to be stretched and distorted to form this shape. CAD sheetmetal tools are not able to produce the sort of blank pattern this process requires. The part you have referenced in your video attached is the type of product made with the common workshop sheetmetal tools, brake press, plate roils and the like. The louvers and beads are made with common forming tools that are used on a turret punch machine. This is the sort of parts CAD sheetmetal tools are for.

CAD is way more than just the software, it is just a tool we use in engineering design and manufacture, it does not do the thinking, CAD is absolutely useless without an engineer with the knowledge, experience and intelligence to make it useful. The video you reference to question the sound information CadCloud has no validity in support of your opinion that CAD tools can be of use in this situation