how to 'use' (edit,measure ecc..) an stl file

I saw on this site there are many cad models that came from an stl file...
I have an stl file of gsxr 600 cranckshaft but i could not use it on inventor to edit it. can you help me to import the file?
thank you

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Hi there
I have some ides to share if you want...

First of all If I were you with an almost desired file I would copy the main sketches / profiles and with a couple constrains I would design a new model to suit my requirements. In this case you would have a more reliable model based in someone's else approach. It doesn't sound bad at all. ;)

However, there are some commercial solution that can identify step or stl files and rebuilt the model for you from scratch but needs money... ;(

So I think you will need to spend some extra time on this project as there is no other way to actually modify an stl file...
There is also a BUT, if you don't have the time but you know the requirements you can post a request for someone to help you accomplish this model.


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thank you for your reply
yes i know that there are some software that allow to rebuilt the solid like rapidform but, as you say, the license is not free.
I add the stl file of the crankshaft, if someone can help me i will be very grateful

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Blender and FreeCAD have complementary functionality to fix stl files and to edit them as well.
There are numerous tutorials online for the same.
There is a make solid function in FreeCAD that converts meshes into solid forms.
Both the above software are free and open source.

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Frank, Blender can be used to scale an object and to set measurements in any system you may follow (metric/imperial etc). I am not sure about other software.

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i recently followed the V12 tutorial that came by here you are welcome to use my model of the crank shaft dont know if that helpes you at all but i attached it for you

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