How to use Gear Generator in Autodesk Inventor 2016

Hey everyone,

I'm working on creating a helical gear for work. The dimensions I have bee given are:
a diametral pitch of 1.062 in
Pressure Angle of 20 deg
Helix angle of 19 deg 45 min (Left handed)
12 Teeth
and a face width of 1.015 in

Also, I don't need the second gear with it so I am just focusing on the one gear I need with these parameters.

I have been trying but it keeps giving me errors in my calculations and then the gear looks real weird. I have been just watching videos and trying to click all sorts of different combinations until the calculate button doesn't give me an error but then it makes the gears huge and they are not even close to the diametral pitch that I entered.

Can anyone help me to figure out what to enter into the boxes so I can get the gear I am wanting?

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1 Answer

Will be more clear, if you'll upload screenshots!

Seems to me, that you put wrong digits there...

By the way, pressure angle must be more than 20 degrees

Answered with a tutorial:

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