How to use mold tools?

Hello, I have this project for school. We need to model the injection of a plastic object in moldflow, but first of all, have to draw it in Solidworks and model the matrix with the help of mold tools. I just drew a pen holder, but I can't make a matrix out of it, and I don't really understand why. The parting line just wouldn't go where I imagined it would (that is 20 mm above the bottom), it doesn't want to create a parting surface, in order to create a core and a cavity. Can you help me with this, please? What am I doing wrong?

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I've just tried that, but I guess that android was empty... +, if you check my part, you will see that I have gaps inside my model, that means complicate geometry... I really can't handle it, and I thought that somebody could just give me some tips on this kind of geometries. Thank you, anyway.

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Ask it to:
Adam_K or/and
May be they can thelp you. Good luck!

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