How to use power copy in case of dumb solid(dog house) ?

1. According tooling direction here the attached model consider Y direction :)
2. in tool test they give me a dumb solid and do power copy for it .

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I think you mean to be able to position a dumb solid repeatedly throughout a model relative to the tooling direction. To do this you should create a power copy with the minimum of ; a point (typically clip axis origin), a line (main tooling direction), another line (action direction/doghouse opening). With these you can repeatedly place the doghouse geometry throughout a model and then union trim them to the main, this assumes the doghouse is fully intersecting the main body. There are some good tutorials on creating power copies online that should help with that.

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first you need to remastering this dum solid in to parametric part.
than crate axis system then give reference point and tooling direction than you are use this feature as a power copy potion.

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I don't understand your questions.

As you know, a PowerCopy requires a smart solid (with editable features and parent geometry that can be copied). If you only have a dumb solid, just use Copy & Paste.

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