How to use surface mirror/fill features in SolidWorks?

I'm working on modeling a railway spike in SolidWorks, and its a lot more complex than I thought it'd be. But I succeeded in making a surface with the correct dimensions of the rounded part of the head (I have to start here because all the other features rely on the topmost point tangent to it to describe their height) but I can't get it to mirror in the plane "Spike Centerline" in the attached picture. Furthermore, I'm not sure how to make a solid body out of a surface... I'm stuck in short! Help!

UPDATE: The mirroring element has been answered, now I just need to know how to make solids out of a 3D shape bounded by surfaces..

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Try using mirror bodies when working with surfaces, I'm not able to attach the file due to some bugs in the site right now.

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