how to use Trajpar and amplitude in creo parametric..?

need to know the definition , syntax and usage of trajpar and few other commands like amplitude , slots , so that i could form my own equation, as per my requirement.
can some one explain , those commands ?

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2 Answers

Trajpar stands for Trajectory parameter and is associated with only commands that use trajectories like Sweep, Swept Blend, etc.

It is generally used to vary a simple sketch along the trajectory to create a complex profile and is used in relations applied to dimensions of the sketch.
The value of trajpar varies from 0 to 1.
Slot is an anatomic feature and is a cut feature which can be achieved via extrude or revolve or sweep.....this feature is directly identified by certain CAM software's as machining features.....I did not find any command called amplitude!....there are various functions which can be used in relations...if that is what you are referring to.. refer the help for more information!

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