How to view Hidden features/Bodies in Solidworks?

I want to view Hidden objects seperately..Is it possible to view it, like catia where Swap Visible space is available...

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2 Answers

To the best of my knowledge no, but I could be wrong.

1) I would suggest holding ctrl and selecting all of your hidden components then right clicking on one of the highlighted components and click isolate, this will show everything that is hidden, and hide everything you have not selected (your currently shown components/features)

2) If you will be switching back and forth a lot you might want to add a configuration, call it "inverted" or "hidden" or something. Select all your shown features in your default config, then right click and go to component properties (should be an icon, of a hand holding a document in the upper right shortcut menu). Click the drop down for "Change properties" in the bottom left. Click on "specify configurations" and click your new config (inverted or hidden or whatever you named it) select Ok. Then check the box hide component in the upper right of the multiple component properties dialog. Everything is now hidden in your new config. Now select all the hidden components in your default config>right click>component properties>specify configurations>choose inverted/hidden>uncheck the "hide component" box. Now you should be able to switch between configurations and all of the opposite components will be shown in one, and vice versa.

Hope that wasn't too hard to understand, probably should have made a tut but short on time if you need clarification ask...

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