How to wire model parts in an assembly

I want to wire up some terminals model parts in my assembly, is there a way to do it, im tearing my hair out here trying to figure out how to do it. I cannot figure out how to complete it

i have switches, amp meter, and a battery keystone so far, but i want to model in wiring from each of the components, but i have no idea as to how to make the wiring and to connect to the terminals on the model pieces
someone please help lol

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Thanks to Dyakoff's Circuit breakers:

Create points in your part files. In the assembly create n part that is fixed in space. Open a 3D sketch and join the points with a spline. Then create a plane on the end of the wire and draw circle to sweep along spline. U can use flat surface on parts to create a 0mm offset plane in the wire part.

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