How to work faster on solidworks?

Hi, I've heard about many people calling solidworks an easy-to-use software so i gave it a try. I found it easy but i really think it is time consuming. So i wanted to know if there are any modes of working in solidworks, like for starters, professionals or experts etc. I've used ProE and Solid Edge and both seem to be good, while solidworks seems to be a software which asks for quite many inputs. So Please help me out here. Thank you.

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You can configure the software commands with your interface devices and use them to your advantage. That can save you much time.

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start with the in-bulit tutorial that solidworks has got

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When someone never had tried another CAD software use to say that it is "easy-to-use".
Try KeyCreator, you will see the diference.

See the Free student licenses and training here:

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