How to work in inventor studio?

How to work in inventor studio? I get problems in that. Sometimes it's quite difficult to set the environment and adjust the model according to it.

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Hahahaha Abhijeet nice to see you moving over to the light with IV and out of the dark with SW LoL'ss @

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Agreed with Ove on Showcase, however Studio can be a good tool if used correctly. I recommend trying a few tutorials from Autodesk, very helpful.
There are tutorials for pretty much everything in Autodesk Inventor, and specifically three categories for Studio; Rendering, Animation, and Positional Representation.
Keep in mind however you must download the tutorial files from Autodesk here:

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Takes time to get used to it. I never did.

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I only use Studio to make a quick rendered image. Try Showcase if you want to put a model into an environment.

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