How to work on an .obj mesh file which has more number of facets, in SolidWorks 2018?

I've got a 3d scan file in the format of .obj file I want to get a SolidWorks part or assembly file so that I can edit the structure and when I try opening it as a solid body it shows the number of faces are more.

2 Answers

It is read as a mesh file, so it must have those small faces...
FeatureWorks might come in handy, but not always.
Check this link for more info. on how to use FeatureWorks:

What is a new limit for number of facets in SW 2018? Older versions of the software were limited to 10,000 faces.

Option 1 is cutting your mesh file into smaller pieces, then importing each of those as a new part.

Option 2 is running the mesh file through a program meant to work with mesh files and decimate it (reduce triangle count).

Option 3 is scanning the object with a lower mesh resolution.

Option 4 is blocking out some details in the object being scanned, or removing those details from the mesh data. An example is the knurling present on many gun grips. Stripping these details can result in much smaller meshes.

Millions of facets are usually not needed. Optimizing the mesh density based on the objects texture/curvature is a good idea.