How transfer properties of a weldment list to a individual drawing?

It´s a difficult question. I have a weldment part. This part is made of different group of solids. I had made a drawing 2D with a cutlist, perfect. My difficult is when I try to make drawings of each different solids. I want to catch the properties of these solids and put it in the individual drawing.
Can you help me?
Excuse my English.
Thank you.

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2 Answers

When you make a weldment, in the design manager tree you have a folder that says CUT LIST. Expand this folder by clicking a + sign and you will see all the solid bodies of the weldment. Right click on any of these solids and a drop down menu appears, select INSERT INTO NEW PART. Than SW will open this part and you can save it as a part and make drawings from it.

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Thank you for your fast answer. All that you explain is exactly I do. The problem starts when you make this drawings of parts. In the properties of the drawing appears this: "fromparent+name of the weldment", "fromparent+color of the weldment", "fromparent+series of the weldment". Catch properties of the parent and not of the solids of this parent. I want to catch the properties of the cutlist and not of the parent.
Excuse my english and thanks a lot.

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