how we can have design tree when we import feature of another software such as catia or solidwork

some times we have to use 2 or 3 design software for our project but when we import a work pieces in inventor we have'nt tree design.what should i do?

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In Inventor, there is nothing yet that does this. There was a Feature Recognition feature tested by Autodesk Labs. It has been closed, and was stated to supposedly be entered into the 2013/14 version of Inventor. I see it as available here:
for subscribing members only.

Here is the download link:

SolidWorks has a feature called FeatureWorks, which takes imported models and makes features in SolidWorks that are editable by you.

It is slightly clumsy, and I would imagine that the Inventor version is going to be even worse than SolidWorks since it's basically brand new. I have to re-do my models to meet my standards of modeling, but the features are a good starting point.

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