HOW we can make hole thorough all component in assemble with concentric constraint together?

some times we need make hole in assemble thorough the all component with concentric constraint .but i have problem with this because i cant make such holes in assemble envirnemet so i must make it one by one in the part !!!

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Hi Saeid,

I found this application as an add-on from Autodesk Exchange Apps for Inv. 2013-14
It does exactly what you're willing to do...In the beginning you will like it and I believe you will agree that this is the solution for your problem ...well partially you will be right! BUT only partially!

I have to admit that is a smart tool but... I think it has some disadvantages...

Let me show you...

Answered with a tutorial:

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HOW I can appreciate you.very thanks,but please if you can answer another of
my problem.

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