How would I approach this drawing?

I'm doing some practice projects, but I'm stuck at this drawing which I've attached below.

I don't know how to get the hex face to align with the angles given.

I've tried to extrude the ring first before cutting the hex out and then giving it a pattern, but my angles are off.

I've also tried wrapping the curve, but I'm not sure where to go from there once its wrapped on the ring's face.

3 Answers

There's sth. wrong with the dimensions...

I've tried using those dimensions but ended having only 10 hexagons, not 16.
I even didn't get to use the angles, just made a hexagon with 22 cm from side to side, then patterned it.

When I tried getting 16 hexagons, the side length was 15 cm, not 22.

It is a terrible drawing to work from.
I've made a model that has 16 openings, but a little more work would be needed to clean up the results and merge it into a single solid body.

I looked at the model again and made some small changes (-B model). It looks like the "Hexagons" do not have sides of equal length, so instead of using the polygon tool, I manually drew them to match angular dimensions given.
I also cleaned up the edges of the model so the circular pattern would allow the results to combine into a single body.
SOLIDWORKS models attached are in version 2018.
The image showing the basic outline of construction remains the same.

The only dimension I did not have was the size of the holes.

Here is how I did it.