How would I get a CAD file for Triumph Scrambler Triple Trees?

I want to put a wider front tire on a Triumph Scrambler. The forks will be too close together for the wider tires so I need wider triple trees to spread the forks out. How do I get a CAD file for that?

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1 Answer

Option 1: Learn to use a CAD program, take measurements, then create the required data in a format suitable for someone to recreate. That could be a 3D file for CNC machining, or a 2D drawing for manual, or CNC milling.

Option 2: Hire or work with someone to create the required data. This option would work best if done with someone local so they can take the measurements they need. But, it could be done with someone at a distance, but communication and measurement skills are going to be crucial to a correct, and quick outcome.

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