How would i model a hole for this screw in inventor or solidworks?

Im prototyping a part out of metal and wanted to use this fastener (see attached file) my question is do i just use the inventor hole feature with .255 top diameter and 82 degree angle and .165 bottom diameter OR do I first cut 0.0079 deep hole(beacuse the top of screw has this thickness) and then use the hole feature with the dimensions previously mentioned. Help would be greatly appreciated .

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Inventor: I would go with the first option, but: if you want to have the recessed screw flush to the surface, you need to have the countersunk hole diameter adjusted. (a little larger @ 0.269"). the hole in the "plate" (i.e. the part with the csk in) can be .12" dia. pick up the threaded hole ine the "block" and spec a 4-40 hole...

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