How would one create this in Solidworks? We are using the Mastercam add on and will be utilizing 4th axis machining, this is our first attempt at such a product, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please find attached drawing.

3 Answers

Your primary feature will be a 'revolved boss/base' containing a sketch of the parts cross-section. This will get 80% or so of the modeling done.

The only tricky part looks to be the backside of the tooth which appears to be helical. Not super tricky, just relative to the rest of the part, which is very easy.

It's up to you whether to include the tooth material in the primary revolve feature and cut away the material between the teeth, or exclude that material and build the tooth.

My personal preference would be to not include the tooth material in the initial revolve, and build a single tooth (as it's own separate 'body') to be patterned and then combined with the rest of the part.

To build the tooth I would use a 'lofted boss/base' feature to get it all in one shot, or extrude a block (remembering to uncheck 'merge result'), then create a helical surface and use the surface to 'cut with surface' away the unwanted material.

'Circular pattern' the finished tooth 'solid body' and then 'combine' it with the rest of the part.

Finish up by adding the cross drilled holes, chamfers, fillets, etc.

That ought to do it!

Here is how I modeled it, I did a lofted surface to get the cut, then I thickened it and cut away the excess to reveal the final profile, Coupler Assembly

Hi Brett and Robert, thank you for your input! I managed to come right by means of a lofted cut!