How would you proceed to make a mold for this design? I am struggling with it.

I am wanting to make a poly urethane 3D printed mold. I have made a parting line but it is complex and the parting surface has issues. The "hook" on this part (see image) is where I am having trouble.

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Before getting into the parting line, have you identified:
- Where is the fill
- What model face will be "up" in the mold?
- Where will vents be located?

I think those issues need to be solved at the same time as the parting line, as all of the factors work together in determining how the cast parts will turn out.

Good job on the design though. I did not do a draft analysis, but it looks like it would form, and pull from a solid mold without much trouble. I most often worked with soft silicone tooling, but sometimes we printed or machined hard tooling as well.

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