How would you project a surface work plane of a curved face in Inventor?

I have searched for the answer as I didn't think it was possible until I seen

this vid....

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Not really sure what your after. But inside a 3D sketch there are a number of tools for projecting to and from surfaces.

I don´t know if I understand your question right, but do you want to create a curved surface like the one in the video at second 30? If you do, first realize that it’s not a work plane of the surface, it’s a surface created with an extrusion from a sketch.

To do so you have to create a sketch, draw a line/curve (any geometry will work). Finish the sketch, click the extrude command and make sure that you select the “Surface” option in the “output” box at the inferior left corner of the window, and extrude the geometry the distance you like. The resulting extrusion will be a surface with the form of the curve you drew. Try it and tell me if it works.

You can use this surface as a boundary (from, to, between) for other features as extrusions, revolutions, etc.

(If I missed the point completely please give me more information about what you need).


Did you get my e-mail about this william? or have you figured it out now from the other answers?

Also i think you should have a look at the split tool. That usually comes in useful to either make a multi solid component or split and remove your unwanted material. There are different ways to go about the same problem usually. Just a matter of time to figure out what each feature does. You know where i am if you need any help. :)

Absolutely agree with Mecca. The operation is made ​​in the video as it implies Mecca in his description.

Easy peasy eh william :)