Hydrofoil wing in Autodesk 123D

Please help me making a Hydrofoil wing.
The wing i want to make has following description: L 50 cm, W 15 cm, H 1 cm. Profile standard NACA flying wing(just pic one, i want to learn to do it myself). The NACA profile has to get smaller as longer from center it comes, smallest at the tip.
From the front i want the wing to be concave/convex (you chose). From the top i want the center of the wing to be in front, and the wingtips back.
No straight lines.

Please help me, thanks.

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Have you tried some of the NACA generators?
That will allow you to import the base profile. From there you could make other edits.

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I don't know autodesk 123D, but I would assume there is some means of importing coordinates for points. The generator linked above provides a table of X/Y plot points for the profile:
1.000084 0.001257
0.998557 0.001575
0.993984 0.002524
0.986392 0.004086
0.975825 0.006231

Once you have the profile, you could change its size, shape, scale...etc.
I did not fully understand what you were trying to accomplish for a final shape, and I do not know the program you are using.
Maybe you could draw a sketch of how you plan to bend the profile? Someone familiar with 123D might then have some good ideas to add.

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hi FredSWUG, here is some pics that show the idea of "bending" the wing. this is what i want to learn. If you know any tutorials that can give me some idea, does not have to be in Autodeskv123D, Thanks..

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Looks like a flying wing design. Most of which fly with a good deal of elevon induced reflex... so while you may start with a NACA profile, you'll likely end up with something a bit far removed from it. I wouldn't obsess over that too much though.

The key here is... dialing the design in with CFD. Without it, you're really in a tough spot dialing in any kind of design, CAD-wise.

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