Hydrofoil wing in Autodesk 123D

Please help me making a Hydrofoil wing.
The wing i want to make has following description: L 50 cm, W 15 cm, H 1 cm. Profile standard NACA flying wing(just pic one, i want to learn to do it myself). The NACA profile has to get smaller as longer from center it comes, smallest at the tip.
From the front i want the wing to be concave/convex (you chose). From the top i want the center of the wing to be in front, and the wingtips back.
No straight lines.

Please help me, thanks.

6 Answers

Have you tried some of the NACA generators?
That will allow you to import the base profile. From there you could make other edits.


I don't know autodesk 123D, but I would assume there is some means of importing coordinates for points. The generator linked above provides a table of X/Y plot points for the profile:
1.000084 0.001257
0.998557 0.001575
0.993984 0.002524
0.986392 0.004086
0.975825 0.006231

Once you have the profile, you could change its size, shape, scale...etc.
I did not fully understand what you were trying to accomplish for a final shape, and I do not know the program you are using.
Maybe you could draw a sketch of how you plan to bend the profile? Someone familiar with 123D might then have some good ideas to add.

hi FredSWUG, here is some pics that show the idea of "bending" the wing. this is what i want to learn. If you know any tutorials that can give me some idea, does not have to be in Autodeskv123D, Thanks..

Looks like a flying wing design. Most of which fly with a good deal of elevon induced reflex... so while you may start with a NACA profile, you'll likely end up with something a bit far removed from it. I wouldn't obsess over that too much though.

The key here is... dialing the design in with CFD. Without it, you're really in a tough spot dialing in any kind of design, CAD-wise.