I am currently using solid edge st4. I having one small problem in SE. If i import a other cad part into solid edge the Front view is in the Top view. How can I change top view to Front view. Or

In Solidworks view changing is easy one.

2 Answers

Z faces "up" in Solid Edge, just like in Unigraphics (now NX) and Pro/E I believe. This comes from historical reasons dating back some 15+ years now (machining centers all have Z up -- or at least used to).

You don't really want to change the view -- you want to reorient the part (assuming this is important to you).To do this, first of all make sure your model imported in Synchronous, not Ordered. Then, hover your mouse over the part and wait for the ellipsis (three dots) to come up. Then RMB to get the QuickPick menu (let's you select hidden stuff). Choose "Design Body" which is basically choosing the entire part. Then use the steering wheel (the torus portion) to reorient the part by 90 degrees.

Actually view are imported correct, the only thing changes is the orientation of the co-ordinate system. Try adjusting it.
This happens to me too when importing from CATIA.