I am getting many emails lately.

Hello there guys..

Since last night, i am getting a lot of grabcad emails... regarding parts... not for comments, neither for revisions... for no reason... doesn't anyone have the same problem??

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Yes same here, but I just ignore them, they are mostly from students who are too lazy to do their Homework !
Many people have asked Crabcad to let us delete the unwanted mails but I think they are to busy Hiring "IT Experts" to read what the members need!

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i'm too getting emails late. :( But let's wait. GrabCAD will sure provide solution to this problem.

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GrabCAD is my single highest volume of email, and regardless of the settings in my profile, I keep getting more and more. I get emails to notify me that I've got an email on the site, and more for notifications. I get emails when anyone else comments on something I commented on. Overall it's a really annoying.

But it gets worse. In order to stay connected, my Workstation, Laptop, Phone and Tablet are all configured to check my email addresses. It's great that I'm able to stay connected regardless of where I am, but on a bad day when i get upwards of 20 email from GrabCAD, and it multiplies across the different devices, I end-up dealing with 80+ pieces of junk mail.

@Shelly - It is amazing just how many people waste their time asking us to do their homework. Even more so the number of people who do it for them.

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y are they taking so much time to introduce a "delete" option in inbox?
M also getting mails to my gmail account perhaps since i'm following some people on grabcad, i get notified by email when they upload a new model. so i dont think this is a grabcad staff's problem.

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