I am having issues trying to complete my Dalek model

I am trying to attach the small plates to the surface of the shoulder section of my Dalek model and can't find an accurate, easy approach.
The shoulder section is a lofted form between two sketches of differing shapes.
The top shape is circular and the bottom shape is more egg shaped.
That lofted shape is then scaled up slightly and has a new shape cut through to be two bands that wrap the original lofted shape.
The original loft is scaled a second time and once again has a new shape cut through it to form the mesh that goes over the bands.
The next part is where I am stuck.
There are many (two different sized) plates that need to cover the mesh.
As the shape is lofted, and the plates need to attach at tangents to it, I can't find a satisfactory method for the attachment.
The plates would have two pins through them in real life it that helps.
I have thought of creating multiple axis and constraining to them but thought there may be an easier way.
I'm not good with surface manipulation and any ideas would be appreciated.
I have cheated and made a Slat part as one piece, but it needs to be modified.
The model is available through the library.
Model Name Dalek
Username Darkrider
Name Peter Yiannoullou

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