I am in my final year and I am planning to create something by using Solidworks. Any suggestions?

i would like to get some suggestions on something to create on Solidworks as my final project, something that can be printed by using 3D printer. I would prefer something that uses air compressor or motor, etc
I know how to use Solidworks so all i need is some suggestions.

Thank you

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Make a energy wind generator. All the body of the project, and the gears, can be printed by using a 3D printer. Only the coil and the magnet (and the electrical components) can not be printable.

(i'm from Brazil)

Faça um gerador de energia eólica, todo o corpo do projeto, e as engrenagens, podem ser impressas em uma impressora 3D. Apenas a bobina e o imã (e os componentes elétricos) não podem ser impressos.

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