I am learning to make 3-d parts into flat patter

I am wondering how the easiest way to make two pieces off of each other and flat patter one and not the other. I make simple parts like bumpers, molds for cement companies and such and need a simple way to make parts off of one and not worry about them being two. Also how to extract one feature from a part so I can make that flat patter or make it into its own part

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Hi matthew I am having a hard time trying to understand what you want from the software, maybe if you reword what you wrote? or could put an image up of what you have and what you are trying to achive, would be very helpfull.
Thank you

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In the file I added, I made the four collums by mirroring. But the three pieces on top I made from off setting a plane and creating a new sketch in which they are dependent on the four collums. I would like to know if I can take one of those top square pieces and make them their own independant piece?

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I looked at your model. I do not know of a way to separate specific features of a part (.ipt file) to create a new part. I'm not even sure copy/paste would even work for what you want because of the meshed corners that rely on multiple features. I do know that if I was going to create this assembly of 4 pieces, I would make them adaptive to each other from within the assembly. Create the upper components from the assembly of the lower components (right click, create component) to establish the adaptive rules. I will look into what you want to do a little further.

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I didn't find a way to extract feature from a part to create another part. I had difficulty creating associative parts as well so I just made the 4 parts as I would do it. This way you can get the flat pattern for each piece. Hope you like it.

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