I am looking for a drawing of CAT 349 rock bucket. If there is no drawing, it may have dimensions. Can anyone help me with this?

I have to draw this model. I am trying to improve myself in this area.

4 Answers

Drawing here: Excavator Bucket - Request
Most likely not the right bucket, but it could be a good starting point. Each part is detailed in the drawing

As a CAT 349 rock bucket is a commercial product getting an accurate set drawings or a model requires a bit of effort from someone. Expecting someone to provide this to you free of charge may not happen. Caterpillar would have good drawings, you could start with your local Caterpillar dealer, or you could measure up an existing bucket and make your own. This requires you to have the skills, software, and time to do this. Anyone who has already done this for themselves may not want to give away the effort they have put in free of charge. If all you want to do is practice producing models and drawings for this type of equipment, just get an excavator bucket from the library and have a go at reproducing one or two. If you are looking to produce a set of drawings and make a usable CAT 349 rock bucket for commercial purposes, there is no shortcut, you need to put in the effort to come up with your own.

Well I dont have the bucket at home so I just googled It "CAT 349 rock bucket" and they look similar to me.