I am looking for software that will convert Inventor .idw files and NX .dwg files into a 2D format such as Autocad. Can anyone give me some ideas?

Our R&D department releases NX drawings and Inventor drawings to the drafting department. The drafting department is still using autocad only and needs the drawings in a 2D format to make slight customer specific changes. R&D can provide these prints but they are so busy that it takes days or weeks to get the file. Is there a software that the drafting department can use that will convert these drawings?

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Inventor can convert .idw drawings into 2D AutoCAD dwg files. Im not sure what NX.dwg is though.
Simply open up the .idw and save as .dwg. After the conversion, it should be a 2D drawing. :)
I hope this helped, not sure if I answered your question or not :/

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In order to convert the Inventor .idw files to AutoCAD:

-Open the Inventor .idw
-Go to File (Inventor button on newer releases) > Save As > Save A Copy As
-Save as type (drop down at bottom of save as screen): AutoCAD Dwg Files .dwg
-Click the options button to configure options--you can chose file version (such as AutoCAD 2004 as well as visual fidelity of the drawings and which sheets to export)

If the drawing is multi-sheet it can export all or selected sheets. Multi sheet will end up in the naming format FILENAME_SHEET TITLE.dwg

These drawings differ from just saving as an inventor dwg. They are actual exports of title block, and all content as LINES, It usually also gets rid of any color changes you had made on the IV drawing.

It is possible to open an Inventor.dwg file with AutoCAD, but each view that was on the drawing is treated as a block and the drawing usually shows up as blank.

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I am NX user .........can i help you....
sent me the file ,

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