ı can not model the screw with knuckle threads although I have drawn the profile.I am attaching the file.please how can create the rounded thread

I would like somebody to model the part again and put it on the site so that eveybody can use it beside me. thank you for your help.( sory my english is not so good as yours)

1 Answer

i cant access the file with my solidworks program... did you try making a guide curve... make a circle in a sketch perpendicular to the direction you want the threads to go... click features -> curves -> helix / spiral ( set how you want it ) ... then when curve is generated pierce a point on your profile to the guide curve you just made ( be sure not to select the end point of the guide curve, but instead click the actual line) ... then click exit sketch -> features -> sweep extrude -> select profile and path and it should be all set